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Honey & Pink Peppercorn Brioche

Fact: writing recipes is hard. Perfecting them is even harder.

Not even the best of us kitchen people get it right the first time — I’ve read quotes from top chefs talking about how they’ve spent years developing and tweaking their signature dishes.

And recipes don’t happen in a vacuum, either — in the pastry industry, we walk a path that’s been largely paved for us, relying age-old techniques that allow us to experiment with new forms of presentation and flavours.

If you engross yourself in the work of others and you’re suddenly inspired, then that’s a gift meant to be shared and passed on, not horded and used to polish your own self image.

This issue is often on my mind, because I often see recipes online with no credit given to their original authors.

And it bothers me, because it’s ridiculously disrespectful.

I’m not going to finger-point, but I’m often disgusted by how some of the “big bloggers” out there fail to light the way for those ahead of them by dimming the lights on those behind.

You should never be ashamed to give credit or cite inspiration.

If a reader can flip through more than 5 recipes in a row on a pastry blog and not see a single “adapted from…”, then it’s likely you’ve been pilfering from somewhere (unless you’re David Lebovitz — but even he talks about his inspiration and the recipes picked up from colleagues).

In a nutshell: not giving credit — just don’t do it. Sheesh.

Anyways, with all that off my chest, I bring you an inspired recipe: honey and pink peppercorn brioche.

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Babka Muffins

Babka muffins — have you heard of ’em? I hadn’t!

They’re one of the many new tasty recipes I’ve been exposed to while at school.

Unlike “regular” muffins (the kind that Liz says are for “people who don’t have the nads to eat cake for breakfast”) these Babka buddies are leavened only slightly with baking powder and mostly with yeast.

That said, they’re still soft and cakey enough for you people would rather eat actual cake for breakfast. Ha!

Oh, but truly awesome thing about Babka muffins is that they’re seriously customizable, as-you-like-’em type muffins.

Do you wanna fill them with brown sugar, ginger, and diced apple? Do it!

How about melted butter with vanilla sugar and toasted almond slices? Ah-ye-ah.

Pumpkin puree with sweet cinnamon chips? That’s my Babka style!

Also (and this totally slipped my mind til now — I’ve been so busy lately!), the lovely Juanita recently nominated me for the “Versatile Blogger Award” — but, as flattered as I am, I just can’t fill the criteria to accept!

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Sally Lunn Bread

Bread and I don’t always get along.

Our working relationship is strained due to the fact that there have been some long-standing issues between us — um, like…

Bread, why can’t I ever knead you the right way? Bread, why don’t you wanna rise all nice n’ proper for me? Bread, why won’t you ever come out of the oven looking less grumpy n’ lumpy?

Bread, why do you go straight to my hips when I eat you? Bread, I know this is all your fault!

But this particular recipe is a turn for the better for us — no kneading, easy rising, a distinct lack of lumpiness.

I picked up a whiff of Sally Lunn bread from another, much (much, much) more famous and popular blog, and only made a few changes. I added more yeast (since I love the flavour of it), a little more sugar, and a touch of cardamom.

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Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

When I started to think about content post for today, I did a little math in my head and realized that this would not be the 1st, 2nd, or even the 3rd post in which I mention how much of a hate-on I have for raisins.

Geez. I just did a search on my own site and found that this post won’t even be the 4th.

Maybe it’s about time I either just stop ranting about the evils of raisins, or just eat a handful of raisins already.

Actually, I did kinda-sorta-maybe-accidentally-on-purpose eat a raisin the other day.

For serious.

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