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Maple Fudge Brownies

Happy Canada Day!

Okay, it’s a bit early — but I’ve always kind of failed to see the reasoning behind posting a celebratory occasion recipe the day-of, simply because it doesn’t really give anyone time to actually make it, right?

Anyways, I love being Canadian.

I really dig where I live, despite the deary weather, high taxes, and reputation for overbearing politeness (we’re not all that polite to each other, really).

Can you believe that we’re among the top 10 most patriotic countries in the world? I guess a lot of us are flag-wavers after all!

I have this American friend who makes a hobby out of telling me all about how inferior Canada is all the time (it’s amazing to see how Canadian patriotism makes Americans bristle — oh, but guess who’s first on that list of most patriotic countries in the world?), but you can’t beat our poutine, our Timmy’s, or our insane penchant for busting windows and setting police cars on fire when one of our teams loses a Stanley Cup Final.

Yeeeah. About that last one… Canadians drink a lot of beer — that’s all I’ve gotta say that.

So, in honor of tomorrow being Canada Day, I bring to you my special “How Canadian Are You?” quiz! Let’s test your cultural knowledge!

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Maple Bourbon Walnut Bars

The honey bourbon! It’s back!

But of course it is — if there’s anything I adamantly believe in, it’s that everything is better with booze. Yes, everything.

Boring pasta sauce? A dash of wine will fix that! Want a better tasting bread? Add a bit of beer to your dough! After dinner coffee? Break out the liqueur! Painful and awkward social gathering? Nothing a few drinks won’t fix!


I’ll stop there, lest I get another call from my mother (who reads my blog) and a lecture about alcoholism. But I’m not an alcoholic — gawd, mom, really! — and I say this with confidence because alcohol is something I only indulge in once or twice a week, and especially I only drink hard alcohol a few times a year — a YEAR!

That’s why getting a new bottle of liquor excites my inner 10-year-old!

Y’know… uh. If my inner 10-year-old self was old enough to buy booze and smart enough to know how to cook and bake with it.

Ahem. I swear I’m not an alcoholic — just a booze hound! Totally different, thaaaanks.

I’ve been having way too much fun playing with my JD Tennessee honey bourbon!

So far it’s been added to pumpkin honey bourbon cheesecake, pumpkin bread pudding, pumpkin pie, apple compote (made it at school) and, now, maple bourbon walnut bars. It’s totally perfect for fall baking, but that’s just me being a broken record.

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Triple! Almond Maple Cookies

Vegan cookies? Well, this is a little out of character.

I think some of my vegan blogger buddies are rubbing off on me!

Not that I could ever give up eggs or dairy for long (seriously — one look at cheese and I’ve already committed a thousand vegan sins in my head), but sometimes it’s good to get flexible with rigidity.

Baking without eggs, butter, milk, or fakey dairy substitutes is tough, people. Baking needs fat. Baking needs binders. Baking needs something to whip with sugar and trap air bubbles for lift and texture.

That’s the reason why vegan baked goods are often denser than their butter-and-egg-laden counterparts. Science!

While these triple! almond maple cookies are no exception to the vegan laws of baking physics, they, like so many other vegan treats, make up for it by being packed with flavour. Sweet maple and toasty almond flavour, to be precise.

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Blueberry Shortcake Cookies

Um, déjà vu much?

I know what you’re thinkin’ right about now… I bet you’re thinking that you’ve already seen this post, that green gingham plate, these shortcake cookies.

Well, you have! Kinda. Sorta.

I mean — do you ever make something — anything — and think to yourself, “Yeah, this is good… but I have an even better idea!” after it’s done?

That’s totally where I was at with those strawberry shortcake cookies that I posted a couple days ago!

As delicious and addictive as that first batch of cookies was, my brain was buzzing with inspiration about 10 seconds after biting into the first one.

Blueberries! With maple! Oh oh oh and cinnamon! So Canadian!

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