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Chocolate & Praline Madeleines, Praline Powder

Have you ever thought about learning another language?

I think about it all the time — especially when I translate recipes from other languages.

One of the weirdest things about traveling around Europe was not being able to effectively communicate with local people in a local language — I definitely felt more than a little ignorant (and inconsiderate) at times.

Especially at hostels, when I’d inevitably get something like: “But… you’re Canadian — don’t you speak French?”

Well, actually, no.

Vancouver is kind of a weird place, see — a lot of people I know (myself included) opted out of French as soon as we hit high school in order to take an Asian language, like Mandarin or Japanese, instead.

When you live right across the ocean from Asia, it just seems to make more sense.

But now I’ve been thinking of picking up another language. Russian, German, Dutch, and Italian all seem really interesting, and it’d be nice to be able to do more than buy train tickets and coffee next time I travel to Europe!

Anyways, more madeleines today — another recipe from the cute little book I picked up in Milan.

These are different than other madeleines I’ve made before — they actually taste better at room temperature and keep well overnight!

You have to make your own praline powder for this recipe, but whooomigawd — praline powder? Gimme Gimme Gimme! Yes, please!

I like to think of it as “hazelnut crack” because it’s addictive and good on everything.

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Nutella Zebra Bundt

Any excuse to eat Nutella is a good excuse to eat Nutella.

Nutella reminds me of my childhood, but not entirely in a good way. I mean, when you’re a kid, you’ll eat nearly anything and proper food sanitation is the last thing on your mind, right?


So, it’s a good thing that high concentrations of sugar are a natural preservative and that kids have iron stomachs, otherwise I probably would’ve died from eating all the candy I dropped in the dirt, lunches I left sitting in the sun, snacks I shared with the dog, and open juice I’d leave out of the fridge.

My grossest 11-year-old food habit, though — hands down — was slowly drinking, all week long, from the same bottle of cola that I’d leave sitting on my bedside table, warm and going flat.

My sister’s grossest 11-year-old food habit — hands down — was slowly eating Nutella, all week long, from a jar she stashed in her bookcase, spoon left standing at attention in its silky folds of nutpaste.


If you still have your appetite, read on!

I’m sure we’ve all got a few gross stories like that from our childhood.

How and when I stumbled across this zebra bundt recipe has been long forgotten — I saw it, I really liked it, I bookmarked it, then I came back to it months later and really liked it all over again.

The zebra stripes were particularly striking, and I like big bundts and I cannot lie!

Some people say they enjoy bundt cakes more than other types of cakes because of the low frosting-to-cake ratio — this is why bundts are great for those of you who scrape the icing off their cakes before eating it.

Of course, as a frosting-lover, I find that kind of behavior blasphemous, but, hey — I used to drink stale cola all the time, so I can’t judge.

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Raspberry Linzer Bars

Sometimes, when I look at the food I eat, I have to make sure that I don’t look too closely.

Because fresh fruit and veggies can kind of be gross. Sometimes.

They get little speckles of who-knows-what on themselves, and bruises, wilted bits, soft spots, dirt, mold, bugs — ugh!

I can eat them now, though, and I’m a lot better than I used to be — considering that I used to only eat super processed foods. Mashed potato flakes, cheese slices, canned soups, noodles — nothing fresh or natural at all.

With age, I’ve learned to let go a little. I can enjoy produce and salads (even if the lettuce is lookin’ a little brown around the edges) or a piece of bruised fruit (just eat around the mushy spot)!

Hey — I can even pop a raspberry in my mouth without inspecting its hollow side for spiders and having a staredown with all the little hairs sticking out of it.

What are those things, anyways? Someone give that berry a shave!

This is why it’s a relief to be able to take a shortcut with a recipe sometimes — I will totally admit to using good quality raspberry preserves for these linzer bars, thus avoiding a staredown between me and a hairy berry.

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Bitter-Sweet Cocoa Hazelnut Bites

Sometimes I wonder how some types of baking get so damned popular.

For example: cupcakes (they even have a cupcake competition show on Food Network now — how weird is that?) are super trendy, and so is organic baking (and organic everything), “low-carb” baking (how does that even work?), and vegan baking.

Ugh, vegan baking — don’t even get me started.

It seems really weird that people go vegan “for their health” and then eat dairy and meat replacement foods that are heavily processed and full of strange chemical binders and created through wholly unnatural means of production.

Hey, people can do what they want — but that doesn’t mean I get it, y’know?

Anyways, as a vegetarian, I can do the vegan thing — when there’s a good reason.

In this case, I’d definitely say that while vegan nature of these cookies is kinda coincidental, it’s also got some kinda awesome purpose.

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