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Frozen Limoncello Parfaits

Surviving the weekend: brought to you by sore feet, bruised knuckles, and burnt finger tips.

Yeah — I just started a new job.

Other than a few mishaps here and there, everything is going well — it’s not my ideal type of work (their pastry is very “homey” and everything gets garnished with a gooseberry), but I work with friendly people and I stay pretty busy on dessert station most of the night.

That said, having the last two months off has definitely been nice.

As a person who’s almost always had kind of employment (and school) going on since age 15, finally being able to afford some downtime has been unreal.

I went to the beach, slept in, caught up with friends, did nothing, made sketches of desserts and played around in my tiny kitchenette on more productive days.

Sigh — going back to work is always bitter-sweet…

On one hand I love working and being busy, but on the other hand I like being able to sit around with a glass of wine whenever I want.

Oh, and making tasty things whenever I want, like frozen limoncello parfaits.

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Raspberry-Basil Lemonade Marshmallows

I love marshmallows — who doesn’t? Soft, luscious, melt-in-your-mouth morsels of sugar…

Until a few months ago (read: before pastry school) I didn’t even know they could be one of those things you made at home. Mind, blown!

Of course, like many other kinds of candy and confections, there’s a reason why people tend to not make their own marshmallows — they’re equipment and precision-heavy, and, while not beyond the reach of any home cook, they require a staunch commitment to measure, time, watch, and multi-task with very little margin of error.

It’s no wonder that most people think it’s just easier to buy ’em at the store!

But, here’s the greatest thing about making your own candy — especially your own marshmallows — they’re like a blank canvas for flavour!

These were inspired by one of my fellow bloggers, daisy. She made raspberry-basil Italian cream soda a while back, and it really got the gears in my head turning.

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Pumpkin Poser Macaroons

Happy Halloween, my lovelies!

What are you dressing up as this year?

Due to circumstances, mostly work and school related, I don’t get a chance to wear a costume and go out to party this Halloween.

The closest I got to being spooky was wearing my fancy cat ears to work on Saturday night and having a coworker draw a triangle nose and sloppy whiskers on my face with red and black whiteboard markers.

I think that’s one step above the last minute cut-two-holes-out-of-a-sheet-and-be-a-ghost costume… or one step below, depending on how ghetto it is to draw on your face with whiteboard marker.

Yeah, I got some stares. I got some compliments, too. Win-win?

Anyways, this year’s Halloween-themed treats are a little less gruesome than last year’s — no blood splatter, no bones — just cute, little pumpkin poser macaroons.

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♥ Mitarashi Dango // みたらし団子 ♥

For those of you who aren’t already used to Asian snacks, this recipe might seem a little weird at first.

Trust me when I say, though, that the hardest part about eating mitarashi dango is finding the two kinds of rice flour that you need to make them! Try to buy the flours at your local Asian grocer or in the gluten-free section of your local supermarket.

Anyways, dango are simply Japanese dumplings — they’re soft, a little chewy, and only very slightly sweet.

You can find different kinds of dango all over Japan, since they’re sold in supermarkets, convenience stores, tea houses, and as street food.

Although, if you’re ever in Japan, make sure you definitely do not actually eat your street food on the street!

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Chestnut & Vanilla Bean Shortbread

Sometimes, when I make up a new recipe, I think about what I could call my creation if I were like Jenna from the movie Waitress.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should — it’s smart, quirky, sweet without being overly sappy, and all stirred up with a dash of dark humor (and it’s totally feminist, too). ♥

Anyways — the main character in the movie, Jenna, despite being a small-town waitress, just so happens to be a pie-making genius.

She can be a little cynical at times, and often to give her pies names that reflect her mood, like, “Naughty Pumpkin Pie” and “Pregnant, Miserable, Self-Pitying Loser Pie” and “Falling In Love Pie”.

It’s so honest and sincere! If I were to name these cookies in accordance with my mood, they would be: “I Wish My Eyes Would Stop Burning Cookies”.

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