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Maple Fudge Brownies

Happy Canada Day!

Okay, it’s a bit early — but I’ve always kind of failed to see the reasoning behind posting a celebratory occasion recipe the day-of, simply because it doesn’t really give anyone time to actually make it, right?

Anyways, I love being Canadian.

I really dig where I live, despite the deary weather, high taxes, and reputation for overbearing politeness (we’re not all that polite to each other, really).

Can you believe that we’re among the top 10 most patriotic countries in the world? I guess a lot of us are flag-wavers after all!

I have this American friend who makes a hobby out of telling me all about how inferior Canada is all the time (it’s amazing to see how Canadian patriotism makes Americans bristle — oh, but guess who’s first on that list of most patriotic countries in the world?), but you can’t beat our poutine, our Timmy’s, or our insane penchant for busting windows and setting police cars on fire when one of our teams loses a Stanley Cup Final.

Yeeeah. About that last one… Canadians drink a lot of beer — that’s all I’ve gotta say that.

So, in honor of tomorrow being Canada Day, I bring to you my special “How Canadian Are You?” quiz! Let’s test your cultural knowledge!

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Nutella Zebra Bundt

Any excuse to eat Nutella is a good excuse to eat Nutella.

Nutella reminds me of my childhood, but not entirely in a good way. I mean, when you’re a kid, you’ll eat nearly anything and proper food sanitation is the last thing on your mind, right?


So, it’s a good thing that high concentrations of sugar are a natural preservative and that kids have iron stomachs, otherwise I probably would’ve died from eating all the candy I dropped in the dirt, lunches I left sitting in the sun, snacks I shared with the dog, and open juice I’d leave out of the fridge.

My grossest 11-year-old food habit, though — hands down — was slowly drinking, all week long, from the same bottle of cola that I’d leave sitting on my bedside table, warm and going flat.

My sister’s grossest 11-year-old food habit — hands down — was slowly eating Nutella, all week long, from a jar she stashed in her bookcase, spoon left standing at attention in its silky folds of nutpaste.


If you still have your appetite, read on!

I’m sure we’ve all got a few gross stories like that from our childhood.

How and when I stumbled across this zebra bundt recipe has been long forgotten — I saw it, I really liked it, I bookmarked it, then I came back to it months later and really liked it all over again.

The zebra stripes were particularly striking, and I like big bundts and I cannot lie!

Some people say they enjoy bundt cakes more than other types of cakes because of the low frosting-to-cake ratio — this is why bundts are great for those of you who scrape the icing off their cakes before eating it.

Of course, as a frosting-lover, I find that kind of behavior blasphemous, but, hey — I used to drink stale cola all the time, so I can’t judge.

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First, a disclaimer: this isn’t real sachertorte — it couldn’t possibly be.

The real recipe is 179-year-old secret!

Often imitated, never duplicated, the real thing only comes from the Hotel Sacher in Vienna, Austria. That doesn’t stop other people (people like me) from trying to make their own, of course.

And why not? The original sachertorte was created by a teenage kitchen apprentice! Which means that you or I can definitely make it, too.

Basically, a sachertorte is a chocolate spongecake with apricot filling, a coat of apricot glaze, then covered in a rich, chocolate icing… sounds kinda awesome, right? Especially since apricots are in season again (but don’t worry — you can use jarred apricot preserves).

Fair warning: this cake is a bit of a process. Not so much in effort or difficultly, though, but in time and chilling and dirty dishes.

Definitely read through the whole recipe before you start.

Because of the time you have to put in to make it, this is definitely a good “special occasion” cake, but…

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Chocolate & Cointreau Ganache Tart

Remember last week, how I did a whole post on candied peel?

Well, it was all for this: a chocolate and Cointreau ganache tart.

Yep, a whole post devoted to prepping garnish as it paraded as candy.

It was bad and lazy of me, I know. But I was also totally swamped with school work and more school work, and got really busy playing Peggle when I should have been doing school work.


Not to say that candied peel isn’t delicious candy and isn’t totally worth making just to eat and enjoy — just that I never meant for it to stand on its own. That peel I made was destined for greater things.

Greater things, like, sitting on top of a layer of rich, bittersweet chocolate and cream and liqueur in an almond shortbread crust.

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White Chocolate Risotto

White chocolate and risotto rice? With white wine, too?

Uh, yeah! You heard me right!

Put ’em all together and what d’ya got? A fancy rice pudding delight in a cup!

Okay, uh… so that didn’t really rhyme like I expected it to. Face palm.

Moving on from terrible ditties and my inability to make them up on the spot — I totally knew I had to make this recipe when I came across it very unexpectedly.

There I was, leafing through last year’s fashion magazines someone has left around the lunch room at my work, when I was totally struck by sweet risotto lightning!

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