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Maple Fudge Brownies

Happy Canada Day!

Okay, it’s a bit early — but I’ve always kind of failed to see the reasoning behind posting a celebratory occasion recipe the day-of, simply because it doesn’t really give anyone time to actually make it, right?

Anyways, I love being Canadian.

I really dig where I live, despite the deary weather, high taxes, and reputation for overbearing politeness (we’re not all that polite to each other, really).

Can you believe that we’re among the top 10 most patriotic countries in the world? I guess a lot of us are flag-wavers after all!

I have this American friend who makes a hobby out of telling me all about how inferior Canada is all the time (it’s amazing to see how Canadian patriotism makes Americans bristle — oh, but guess who’s first on that list of most patriotic countries in the world?), but you can’t beat our poutine, our Timmy’s, or our insane penchant for busting windows and setting police cars on fire when one of our teams loses a Stanley Cup Final.

Yeeeah. About that last one… Canadians drink a lot of beer — that’s all I’ve gotta say that.

So, in honor of tomorrow being Canada Day, I bring to you my special “How Canadian Are You?” quiz! Let’s test your cultural knowledge!

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Lemon Cheesecake Brownies

So, I’m back from my road trip, back to the grind of my daily routine.

It was good times!

It was barely sober times. It was spraining my ankle on the first night there times (might’ve been related to the barely sober times). It was floating down a river in a inflatable raft times. It was drinking fruit wines and eating artisan cheese times. It was I saw a mountain goat and nobody believed me times. It was a road rage incident with a beer-chucking trucker times.

But now that I’m back to my apartment, my blog, my job, I think it’s funny how my life — or anyone’s life — isn’t more, like, exciting, I guess.

Would that be the word to use?

When I was a kid, I expected my adult life would be awesome because I’d get to do what I want, but never really considered all the commuting, the laundry, the grocery shopping, the post-vacation catch-up — y’know. That type of stuff.

Getting back into the groove after a few days away can be hard, but there’s something you can do about it.

For example, you can make super special, deliciously awesome, chocolate-fudgy, lemon cheesecake swirled brownies.

Hells yeah! Even if my life can’t be exciting all the time, at least my food can be!

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Bouchon Bakery, Bouchon Recipe

When I went to Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I made a point of visiting the famous Bouchon Bakery.

It’s located on the bottom floor of the Venetian on The Strip — it took quite a bit of wandering and getting lost in a labyrinth of hallways to find it, but was well worth the journey!

I don’t know if the bakery makes everything on site or what (it didn’t look very big from the outside…), but they had it all — macaroons, eclairs, croissants, mousse cups, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, breakfast pastries, yum!

Deciding what to try was really difficult — I knew that I had friends back in the hotel room that could help me eat anything I bought, but it’s always better to exercise a little self control and conserve money, too.

In the end I spent nearly $30 on goodies and coffee and booked it back to the seedy hotel my friends and I were staying at so that we could dig in to my haul!

What a feast it was!


Though out of all the baked goods I tried that morning, only two were particularly delicious: one was the twice-baked apple cobbler croissant that tasted just like apple pie! Mmm!


And the other delectable morsel I tried that morning was the Bouchon Bakery’s signature sweet: the chocolate bouchon — moist and sweet and oh-so-fudgy!

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Rum-Spiked Brownies Bites with Candy Cane Buttercream

Sometimes I wish there was 30 hours in a day — hell, give me 40! — this time of year, I could definitely use them all and still want for more.

That said, today, and today only, I give you permission to cheat by using box-brownie mix.

Normally it’s something that would make squirm in horror, but sometimes things just gotta get done the quickest way possible!

It’s okay — by adding a bit of rum, vanilla, and extra cocoa, it’s hard for anyone to tell that you had a little help!

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