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Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

Ah-ye-ah! Local blueberry season — finally!

It’s been bright and sunny around here and I’ve been mostly trapped inside, running about for work, or interviews, or trial shifts, or chores, or other general nuttiness. Yeah — that last job didn’t really work out.

To put it nicely: it sucked. Big time — and that’s putting it nicely. Place has big problems, doesn’t give a damn about good pastry, and is hemorrhaging money like nobody’s business.

Oh, well. Not my problem anymore!

I had the sense to a least leave on good terms, though — no one needs enemies in a small industry (especially since word tends to get around) — and now I’ve been interviewing at some really professional places. Cross your fingers for me!

So, in the spirit of summer and having no time, I bring you a recipe that’s easy as loafing around at the beach and quick as a ravenous mosquito.

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Blueberry-Lemon Crumb Bars

Well, the countdown to the dreaded day-after-Labour-Day finally begins.

Time is running out to rush off to a park or the beach (where I’ve been spending my free time) with friends and a bottle of wine to soak up the sunshine!

Now, I’m no bronzed goddess, but I’m proud to have gone from nigh-translucent to not-the-palest-person-in-the-room anymore. This is serious cause for celebration in my ever-pasty world, okay?

Getting the living hell burned out of me in early June gave me a nice head-start on a bit of colour (or skin cancer, sheesh), which then became a sound byte for a cross-national newscast last night.

See if you can spot me in this video!

It happened when my friend, Laura, and I were walking along Kits beach a few days ago. We spotted a cameraman and interviewer duo, but a lot of passersby were shying away from camera… Laura included!

But you can always count on me to be the one jumping up and down, screaming, “I’VE GOT AN OPINION AND I THINK EVERYONE NEEDS TO HEAR IT!”

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Nova Scotia Blueberry Cream Cake

As a Canadian, I’m always interested in Canadian food culture.

Not only because I’m patriotic dessert lover, but also because I’ve been doing volunteer research for Canadian Dictionary project going on at UBC.

The area of research I’ve been assigned is hockey terminology, which is great — I love hockey! — but food words are my secret side project.

Nanaimo bars, butter tarts, tourlouche, beaver tails… these things are all Canadian.

Here’s a lesser-known piece of Canadiana: Nova Scotia Blueberry Cream Cake, a dessert that, despite its name, seems to have been developed in Ontario (as a volunteer researcher, it’s important that I trace historical development, too).

I submitted this dessert name and its documentation to the dictionary database, but felt a pang of disappointment.

Because, think! Just a few more provinces west, and this could have been British Columbia Blueberry Cream Cake!

Oh, well.

I’ve never been to Nova Scotia, but I’ve always wanted to take off one summer and road trip across Canada to see it.

The plan would be to start in Vancouver and head east: hit every major city, see and eat something new in every province, take photos, go hiking (or for really, really, really long, straight walks in Saskatchewan and Manitoba), talk to people, relax…

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Blueberry Shortcake Cookies

Um, déjà vu much?

I know what you’re thinkin’ right about now… I bet you’re thinking that you’ve already seen this post, that green gingham plate, these shortcake cookies.

Well, you have! Kinda. Sorta.

I mean — do you ever make something — anything — and think to yourself, “Yeah, this is good… but I have an even better idea!” after it’s done?

That’s totally where I was at with those strawberry shortcake cookies that I posted a couple days ago!

As delicious and addictive as that first batch of cookies was, my brain was buzzing with inspiration about 10 seconds after biting into the first one.

Blueberries! With maple! Oh oh oh and cinnamon! So Canadian!

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