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BeerĀ Bread

You don’t have to look far to find about a million different recipes for beer bread online — it’s quick, easy, and fairly tasty and well-textured for the amount of effort you don’t have to expend while making it.

Unlike “regular” bread, however, beer bread is made without yeast or (endless) kneading or waiting or punching down or more waiting.

In a way, this simple bread is closer to the way one would make a cake, but without the fat and sugar and egg. Not to make it sound weird or unappetizing, though, because with the right balance of sugar, salt, and beer, you can have something amazing on your hands.

I’ve made beer bread several times now, with various flours and beers and paired with different entrees, but this time I have definitely discovered my favourite combination of ingredients.

This time the flavour turned out so good that one of my friends ate over half a loaf in twenty minutes.

I mean, I was both flattered and irritated, but obviously he thought it was amazing enough to stuff himself silly — maybe I should take it as a compliment?

Either way, I can’t take all the credit, since the biggest factor in how well your beer bread turns out depends on what kind of beer you use!

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