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Raspberry-Basil Lemonade Marshmallows

I love marshmallows — who doesn’t? Soft, luscious, melt-in-your-mouth morsels of sugar…

Until a few months ago (read: before pastry school) I didn’t even know they could be one of those things you made at home. Mind, blown!

Of course, like many other kinds of candy and confections, there’s a reason why people tend to not make their own marshmallows — they’re equipment and precision-heavy, and, while not beyond the reach of any home cook, they require a staunch commitment to measure, time, watch, and multi-task with very little margin of error.

It’s no wonder that most people think it’s just easier to buy ’em at the store!

But, here’s the greatest thing about making your own candy — especially your own marshmallows — they’re like a blank canvas for flavour!

These were inspired by one of my fellow bloggers, daisy. She made raspberry-basil Italian cream soda a while back, and it really got the gears in my head turning.

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Vanilla Mousse with Black Plum & Basil Compote

Oh, I don’t wanna start off by complaining, but sometimes — most of the time — I absolutely loathe my camera (fellow bloggers will sympathize).

It’s a little piece of junk that hates taking photos of anything that’s too light, too dark, too white, too black, or too red or orange or yellow — which is basically everything after a while.

Goddamned jerk camera — and it’s all my fault for buying it, too!

Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of taking photos, there just was a way to, like, beam flavours right into the brain?

Of course, until I either come into more money or technology takes a great leap forward, taking less-than-stellar photos and text communication is all I’ve got.

So, let me describe this with words: luscious and creamy vanilla mousse with touch of tangy sour cream, frolicking with sweet and tart black plum compote that sings of fresh basil and cinnamon.

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Cheese & Herb Garden Muffins

As soon as I move out of my shoebox-sized apartment, I’m determined to start my very own garden.

Even if it’s not a real garden, even it’s just a few potted plants on my window sill (since I don’t have high hopes for getting a balcony or a patio in the near future, I’d even just settle for another 100 feet of square footage at this point!), it would be great to grow my own herbs and have a few plants.

My boyfriend, though — man, he has it good!

His family has a huge rooftop patio that gets lots of light all year-round and he’s only grown tomatoes.


Because he was inspired by growing virtual tomatoes on Farmville.

Seriously? Please take this opportunity to facepalm with me.

Sometimes it really gets me cheesed to see people not taking advantage of their good fortune and opportunities. The time is drawing near when I just march over to his place and commandeer the roof!

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Parmesan Basil Crackers

Parmesan and basil are just meant to be together. They’re the holy matrimony of savory, the yin to the yang of apples and cinnamon, they’re the common denominator in the finest of Italian pastas!

Need I go on about their combined glory?

This recipe is for everyone and anyone who didn’t know they could make their own crackers: parmesan and basil, held together by creamy, flakey pastry. So easy, it’s redonkulous. But baker beware — these little snack morsels are sinister — don’t let their size and cuteness fool you. If you’re not careful, they’ll jump into your mouth before you even know what hit’cha.

In fact, my nick name for these little guys is “cracky crackers” — because I eat them up waaay too fast every time I make them.

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