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Foodie Links

❥ Daisy’s World
She cooks, she bakes, she takes beautiful photos, she does it all! Daisy posts gourmet dishes that are surprisingly easy to make.

❥ A Tablespoon of Liz
Liz is a veggie-cum-vegan who makes tasty (often vegan) treats. If she were a super hero, her ultimate weakness would be cupcakes!

❥ Wondercat Bakery
Deliciously diverse baking (seriously — bao buns one week, tarts the next!?) with fabulous decorative touches and hilarious attitude!

❥ Cake & Feminism
You can have your feminism and eat it, too! Unique recipes and feminist perspective on food and gender from Bristol, England.

❥ Kat’s Health Corner
Kat does seriously healthy eats. I feel healthier just by reading her blog!

❥ Dishin’ with Daisy
Daisy is a New York city foodie who documents her recipes and posh eats out in the Big Apple.

❥ Patent and the Pantry
Gwendolyn is a local lady who doesn’t skimp on the calories or the style. She’s part 60’s, part new millennium, and all flavour.

❥ Yue’s Handicrafts
I wish I knew Yue personally —  she does Asian-French fusion baking and has a flair for presentation. If we were friends in real life, I’d visit her often and eat all her cakes.

❥ Noble Pig
Cathy runs the homegrown “Noble Pig” vineyard down in Oregon. You gotta give love the little guys in the big wine business. Tons of recipes!

❥ It’s To Die For
Erin Ireland is a local food writer who does restaurant reviews in Vancouver.

Non-Foodie Links

❥ Brandon Arkell
Brandon is a good friend and blogger from Seattle. He writes on pop culture, politics, and issues of gender and sexuality.

❥ Law School Poor
Miriam has been my blogging mentor since I started Angry Cherry — now she’s moving to Ottawa to go to Law School! Here are her thoughts and adventures.

❥ Ashley Løseth Photography
Ashley is a fellow Canadian who posts her photography and recipes and thoughts on anime (yay~ anime fangirl solidarity)!

❥ Juanita’s Photo Box
Your daily dose of pretty photography! Juanita likes to take lots of nature photos, which always gives me the warm fuzzies when I look at them.

❥ Sociological Images
Sociological deconstruction and debunking for the masses. I visit a few times today to check out new articles and keep my critical thinking sharp!

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