Review: Anducci’s Italian Kitchen

This review has been long overdue!

Way back in November my friend and I went to Anducci’s Italian Kitchen out in the Lougheed area of Burnaby for a late lunch.

Upon walking in I wasn’t exactly impressed with the decor, since Anducci’s seems like it can’t decide whether it wants to be a restaurant or a bar. One side of the place is set up with those large, low, square tables that one would expect in a restaurant, and the other side is set up with a bar and bar stools, a television, and small, high, round tables for smaller groups.

I guess they’re trying to attract different types of crowds.

One way or another, since nearly everyone was snowed-in on that particular day, Anducci’s was quiet and our server was really nice and very attentive. She brought us as much house bread as we wanted — which was a lot!

The house bread totally knocked my socks off — carb-fiends, brace yourselves. Anducci’s gives you complimentary bread, fresh and soft, generously sprinkled with salty parmesan cheese with the bottom pre-soaked in sweet, tangy balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil. It’s so flavourful and divine.

After scarfing down bread and our drinks, it was only a short wait for our entrees.

For me, half-order of the West Coast special: penne with smoked salmon and broccoli in a light, lemon-dill cream sauce and a dollop of marscapone. It was good! And big, especially for a half-order! The broccoli was still a little crunchy (just how I like it) and the penne was cooked perfectly al dente. The lemon-dill sauce was smooth and creamy without being overly rich or heavy — it was well-balanced and went beautifully with the smokiness of the salmon.

And I had lots left over! Bonus!

My friend ordered the seafood risotto, which came with prawns, scallops, and clams in a creamy dill sauce. I didn’t try any because I’m kind of terrified of eating clams, but she said it was amazing and ate it with a speediness that definitely verified her claim!

Lastly, we had finish off with coffee and caramel tiramisu — ain’t nothin’ better to kill those cravings you get for comfort food on a cold, snowy day!

Now, I’m no expert on tiramisu, but Anducci’s interpretation of the dessert was definitely something I’d go back for. The caramel drizzle was a little on the sweet side, and I suspect that the whip cream wasn’t made in-house, but the zabaglione (tiramisu cream) was delicate and rich with just a hint of caramel and cinnamon.

Final verdict: I liked Anducci’s Italian Kitchen, and, if I’m ever in the area, I will definitely go back (even if only to get some of their awesome house bread in my face). The lunch menu was very reasonably priced — especially for half-orders, which were the size of a full meal anyways, and my pasta was better than some of the pasta I’ve had at many “high end” Vancouver restaurants.

The atmosphere was a little tacky, but the service and food more than made up for it. Yum!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Anducci’s Italian Kitchen

  1. Janna says:

    I’m guessing you didn’t see the beefcake in the bathroom then? Or did they take those pictures out?

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